Dancing Tango whether you have never danced before in your life,
or if dance is your life, we welcome you!
dance is a natural form of expression, and,
when people dance, they can be awakened
to undiscovered parts of themselves.

We are dedicated to creating a supportive and relaxed atmosphere for all our students to learn and enjoy the dance of tango. Tango is a remarkable social dance which encourages creativity, improvisation, and connection to the music and your partner. We hope you will find many new friends and improve existing relationships through the dance. There is nothing more wonderful than to know how to dance with another human being, and tango is the ultimate dance to discover!

Dancing Tango in a Dream I hear the echo of those tangos...
danced upon the sidewalk,
an instant distilled that remains
without before, or hereafter,
an anti-oblivion,
having the taste of everything lost, and everything regained.

Jorge Luis Borges
El Tango (1969)