Tango Links

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Richard Lipkin's New York Tango Page:


Richard has been the announcer of New York tango events for over a decade. Every day he announces on his hotline the tango events of the day. On his website, he has a calendar of events. Richard Lipkin's New York City Tango Hotline: (212) 726 11 11

Reportango, tango magazine published in New York City:


Anyone interested can picked up a free hard copy when in NYC at milongas and dance studios. It has a great list of where to dance tango all over the world when you become a tourista del tango.

Local tango resources and information:


Dance shoes:

 Yaisuri Salamanca  (Custom Made Shoes and More)

 balletomania stores  (in Red Hook and Poughkeepsie)

 worldtone dance shoes  (in New York City, Manhattan)