Tango Music
To dance better, it really helps to listen to the music.
We would like to give a little help and information
what music to get and where.
This is just to get a start ...

Most Important - Dance to the Music You Like! You Can Tango to Any Music!

24 hours of the greatest classical tango music:

Radio Live 365: Tango Evolution

Getting music online or in traditional music stores, here are some of the great names in the music of Argentine tango:

Francisco Canaro
Rodolfo Biagi
Anibal Troilo
Carlos DiSarli
Osvaldo Pugliese
Miguel Calo
Alfredo D'Angelis
Juan D'Arienzo
Astor Piazzolla
Gotan Project

Of course, there are many others, but this is a good start!

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